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Visa Assistance


To get a visa, one needs to meet with every stringent standard laid by the Embassy. Due to several security reasons Visa regulations keep on changing. And, we consider it to be one of the crucial stages that needs to be tackled in professional manner. For once, it gets rejected, then despite getting admission approval from the universities, you shall be prohibited from entering the country.

Every individual country has their own regulations and procedures. You need a team to give you accurate guidance on the visa documentation process in an error free manner.

NIBC Educational Foundation, assist you in the ‘Visa Assistance’ process in the following manner;

  • Assist in completing visa application
  • Figure out correct visa applications form for students/migrators of a particular country.
  • Complete filling of online forms.
  • Suggest answers and explanation to complex questions in visa form.
  • Review applications forms before submission.


  • File preparation & documentation
  • To prevent delay’s, provide checklist to every students/migrants.
  • Avail formats for Bank Statement, CA Statement, Loan Letters, and Financial Affidavits.
  • Assist on medical requirements for the visa.
  • Arrange documents in proper format.


  • Preparation for Visa Interview
  • Mock visa interview session to boost morale & confidence.
  • Assist in tackling tricky questions for the interview.
  • Reveal the Do’s & don’t in visa interview.


  • Visa file submission
  • Make the candidates aware about the visa fee.
  • Assist on the procedure to be followed at the consulate.
  • Do’s & don’t at consulate.
  • Visa approval
  • Our staff shall regular keep tab on your visa status, till you receive visa.

Our in-house migration team is always there to support you during your entire visa process journey. Understand, you are not alone, our whole team is there to support you to make you attain your dream.