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NIBC The Leading Educational Consultancy firmly believes in the adherence to values that are most relevant to the academic community, anchored on the concept of integrity.NIBC Education Consultancy aims to become a center of excellence in the promotion of study abroad programs & courses and dedicates itself to meet the vision of transforming students into highly talented individuals with
commitment, dedication, integrity & patriotism. I whole- heartedly wish best of luck to
all students who seek admission through NIBC and welcome all of you to NIBC
Educational Foundation “Helping you reach your DREAM CAREER”.

Education is essential for every human being.
Without education, no country can prosper and compete with the challenges that lie ahead
in the rapidly growing globalized economy. Education enables us not only to recognize
our talents and responsibilities but also to propel our personal growth and make us
worthy citizens. NIBC Educational Foundation, now, live in an era where a critical understanding of the global dimensions to learning and development of the students as global citizens are gaining

Mr. Ravi S Kushwaha