A quality education is an important component in changing & contributing to the existing society. NIBC Educational Foundation welcomes every student who walk through our doors and collaborates with us. There are no limits to achievement, you just need someone to guide you in the right direction, and that’s what we do.

Our goal is to make the entire transition smooth. From course selection to visa process, we are there to assist you throughout. So far, we have established strong connections with academics in USA, Australia, India, China, Philippines, Bangladesh, Germany, Canada and New Zealand.

 We are here to direct the individuals in a right path, so even while hiring counselors we pay a great deal of attention. Each one of the counselors associated with us are professional in their respective fields and go out of the box to give positive solutions.  Hence, we can proudly say that we offer top quality test preparation classes and study abroad counseling classes.

From professional instructors, to test results, from documentation to visa, we have supported every enrolled student throughout the period.

Empowering every student to quality education is our mission. As a founder of NIBC Educational Foundation, I am privileged to be a part in shaping the future of every students. Understanding the increasing competitiveness, we endeavor to facilitate magnificent alternatives for the career fulfillment and personal growth of individuals willing to study abroad.

I believe education holds a transformative power in changing individual’s life. And, in this globally challenged community, NIBC is offering globally accepted education for an ever-advancing career profile of the students. My only intention is to provide “A Rewarding Career that goes Beyond the Expectations.”

I personally thank students for trusting us, and our overseas affiliations in believing & supporting us. We look forward to helping you for your ‘Bright & Prosperous Future’.

Yours Sincerely,
Ravi S. Kushwaha
Managing Director