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Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

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Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

Gateway Business College (GBC) will use a combination of assessment methods and approaches
which will involve collecting a range of evidence for ensuring consistency of competency.
Written assignments which can include questions and answers, written reports, workbook activities
and assignments. Observation assessments will include the demonstration of competencies for
compliance to performance criteria and displays similar to the critical aspects of evidence and
essential skills of the units. These assessments may include but are not limited to participation in
group discussions, case studies, role plays, simulated activities and work placement. Project work
will include the collection of evidence for learner’s portfolio. These portfolios may include forms,
templates and resources produced, documents completed and handouts.

Course Conduct

The program will be delivered by Gateway Business College at their Burwood Campus.
The course program will be conducted over 12 months. A students program is considered complete
with a successful academic program of a determination of COMPETENT in 12 Units of competency.