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NIBC, as a service company, believes in quality service so we don’t compromise with quality of service that we provide. We have highly professional, trained staff members and highly qualified test preparation instructors to provide wide range of services to our students.

NIBC lays its emphasis on preparing the students thoroughly through its Extensive Test Preparation Programs. Whether the examinations be GRE or IELTS or TOEFL, with a team of skilled and experienced teachers we look to make the students better understand the content of their upcoming exams. Individual attention is paid to the student’s understanding and any queries. Also, a library consisting of all relevant material is at your disposal at NIBC. The class hours are strict and most focus is laid on being present and preparing for the exam that looms. Seminars are conducted where the students are given more extensive understanding of their programs and this knowledge is more streamlined by Longer Classes as the test nears.