Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) is 4 years under graduate degree that trains the students in the areas of business concentrations. BBA is one of the most popular and most sought after UG course in the world. Most of the students who graduate from their high school with the background of accounts tend to choose BBA as their higher education course. BBA opens plethora of opportunities for a student. After conferring the degree, one will be able to work in Sales, Finance, Banking, Marketing, HR and more areas.

Types of BBA

·         Full Time BBA

It is a 3-year UG course (4 years in Nepal) divided into semesters. This is the most commonly enrolled BBA course with physical classes, assessments, internships and placements.

·         Part Time BBA

It is also a 3-year UG course as a full time BBA, with just the difference of time. It is more suited for working individuals as the classes are held in the evening or during the weekends.

·         Distance / Correspondence BBA

Distance BBA is an inexpensive and flexible course that doesn’t have physical classes. Students will pursue their classes through remote communication (Online) or through correspondence. All the study and assessment materials are delivered via e mails or through various methods via internet.  

·         Online BBA

It is similar to distance BBA but the difference is, there are no physical classrooms and interactions. The lectures are held through online conference and the notes and other deliverables are shared through the internet.


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