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Country : USA

USA will always be a hub of educational and aspirational dreams of many students. It is the dreamland of many international students to pursue their higher quality of education. USA is one of the most desirable destinations of the international students. It is ranked as one of the higher quality education systems in the world.NIBC looks to give more focus to our students’ goal of studying in the USA.

Processing to Apply in USA
1. Get information about Universities from NIBC Educational Foundation
2. Apply to our Agent University
3. Give TOEFL/IELTS or any applicable exam
4. Apply for I20 (with Academic Document and Bank Balance)
5. Receive I20 (Offer letter from University)
6. Collect Student Visa Document
7. Fill DS 160 form, pay SEVIS Fee and book Visa interview date
8. Attend Visa Interview
9. Collect passport within 3 working days

11 thoughts on USA

  • samir December 26, 2015Reply

    when to apply for USA? what are minimum requirements?

    • NIBC September 8, 2016Reply

      Hi, Samir
      IELTS is mandatory for study in USA, and other requirement depends on your academic criteria.

  • bijay adhikari June 20, 2016Reply

    which university is the best for BBA in USA ? Can I will go to usa without ielts ?

    • NIBC September 8, 2016Reply

      Hi, Bijay
      If you meet the universities requirement then you will get best Universities in USA, and yes IELTS is mandatory for study in USA.

  • manisha shrestha July 6, 2016Reply

    what are minimum requirements for master level study in USA.

    • NIBC September 8, 2016Reply

      IELTS/TOEFL and GMAT is mandatory for Master level.

  • Astha July 9, 2016Reply

    when to apply for USA? what are minimum requirements?

    • NIBC September 8, 2016Reply

      You can apply at any time, you can provide your number you will get details information.

  • kamala sharma August 4, 2016Reply

    Sir i want apply usa but u can help me please? About details .

    • NIBC September 8, 2016Reply

      Provide your number, you will get details information.

  • Juststycle October 30, 2017Reply

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