Established in 2011 NIBC Educational Foundation has managed to become one of the best Educational Consultancy in Nepal. We are a licensed educational consultant, located in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. 
Since our establishment, we have persistently risen as a leader in the global education space & has been introduced as foundation rendering holistic education & career counseling in Nepal. It’s the ‘quality of service’ that has managed to earn the support and respect worldwide. 
Past ten years, we have been sending students to the best educational hubs around the world including SAARC countries. As education is considered as the ‘backbone’ of a career, we take every possible step to make the right decision. Our set of professional counselors has helped 1500+ aspiring students choose their education path by placing them in reputable Universities. 
NIBC Educational Foundation, has successfully brought together international professionals, vocational & academic qualifications under One-Roof. Through its state-of-art and high-tech teaching centers it offers test preparation programs such as PTE & IELTS.
We counsel students to become a global leader, by encouraging them to study abroad programs, which offers students a worldwide factual learning chance that meets the highest academic standards.
While our objective is making students realize their dreams through comprehensive advisory, and support service in accomplishing their career via devising appropriate strategies. So far, we have gained the utmost success rate, through our rigorous mentorship program. 
Our Mentorship programs include;
  • Providing expertise assistance in building a student profile.
  • Designing a tailor-made road-maps for every student after taking career goals & yearning in considerations.
  • Individual attention in short-listing & selecting the University.
  • Drafting the Letters of recommendation (LOR), Statement of Purpose (SOP), Essays & Resume.
  • Based on candidate profile scouting for scholarships.
  • Hold multiple mock sessions for test preparations & visa interview.

“Transforming every dream into reality”

Our Mission


  • To transform the lives of every student by offering top-notch guidance.
  • To build a strong network with the affiliated Universities.
  • Negotiate with the colleges for scholarships & fee reduction.
  • Establish our office in all the major cities of Nepal.
  • Develop collaborations with renowned affiliates.
  • Provide every kind of support to the students.
  • To work in the high- esteemed hallmark of honesty, fair play and initiative-taking.
  • To create a work environment for our team, which motivates, recognizes & rewards them at all levels. 
  • To make safety our highest priority.

Our Vision


  • To become a leading educational consultancy for students who possess a dream to study abroad.
  • To provide quality, cost-effective, efficient service in education sector without deteriorating its originality. 
  • To see students, reach the zenith in their respective field.
  • To bring in technology & career counselling by working in data parameters.
  • To serve students in national & international level.
  • To protect the students & guardians from fraudulent acts.

Our Value Statement


  • Ethics: Ensuring confidentiality and uniqueness for every service provided. Along with individual assistance regarding the service offered to them is made-to-measure them instead of publicizing.
  • Quality: Every recommendation, advice released is based upon research information, internal quality assurance and combination of methods.
  • Continuity: We stand firm on the continuity of relation, on the long-term aspect, for the guarantee & satisfaction on the services provided by us.